Pay attention to use brush cutter

2021-05-18 10:38:38

Cutting machine is a two-stroke, in use should be dynamic, use and pay attention to three aspects of cutting tool and can ensure the normal use of the machine:

1, the engine:

A, qualified gasoline and oil, to ensure its mixing ratio (25:1);

B, on a regular basis (25 hours) check replacement air filter check the spark plug;

C, every work after a tank of gas, should rest for 10 minutes, clean up the machine after each work of gaskets, guarantee the cooling;

D, storage, must clean up the body, release the mixed fuel, the carburetor fuel to burn in the net; Remove the spark plug, to join in the cylinder 1-2 ml two-stroke engine oil, pull starter 2-3 times, with the spark plug.

2, drive: regular (25 hours) to the reducer added grease, at the same time to the upper drive shaft and the clutch plate junction of filling grease.

3, tool: nylon cable head should control the length of the < = 15 cm, blade, should guarantee the balance of the blade, never ?