Safety and the Chainsaw

2021-05-18 10:39:29

You should use all tools with caution. Chainsaws are no exception. They're powerful tools. A saw chain at full throttle moves at over 50 miles per hour and commands extra attention to safety.

There are several safety features you will commonly find on a homeowner-model saw. Some features below are available only on gas-powered saws:

Chain brake - designed to stop the chain if kickback occurs.

Chain catcher - helps reduce the risk of a broken or derailed chain striking the operator.

Low-kickback chain - includes links designed to reduce the risk of kickback.

Low-kickback bar - has a small tip radius to reduce the risk of kickback.

Bar tip guard - covers the bar tip to keep the tip of the saw from touching the wood, reducing the risk of kickback.

Hand guard - protects your hands from kickback.

Chain oiler - provides lubricant to the bar and chain to prevent overheating and binding.

Antivibration features - reduces stress to your joints and provides comfort.

Throttle lockout trigger - prevents accidental activation of the throttle control; allows the motor to idle without engaging the chain.

Stop switch - allows the operator to shut off the saw without releasing the saw.

Spark arrester - helps prevent sparks from being expelled by the exhaust and becoming a fire hazard.

Bumper spikes - help maintain the saw's position against the wood.